Population: 235,675. Male: 50.79%. Females 49.21%.

Area of 312.3 km².

Average literacy rate of 23% (7+ years).

National average literacy rate: 32.4%.

The village of Bashati is situated in Purbadhala, Netrokona, near Himalayan border in Northern Bangladesh. Netrokona has a rich cultural heritage, and is the celebrated hub for Mymensingh Githika, the product of the Mahua Malua who lived there and created their performances. With this cultural milieu, Bashati is a largely agrarian society. With its many rivers, fishing is a major source of its employment and economic activities. However, it’s inhabitants face pressing issues of poverty, gender inequality, unemployment, and illiteracy every day. See “our initiatives” for insight into social issues and how our programs and initiatives are working to solve them.