“‘I have always longed for helping people of my country in any way possible, so through Tara Foundation I aim to create a platform which will help the people of my village. I hope to improve their living standards and ease their way of life. I aspire to help all kinds of citizens, be it a stay-at-home mother, a hardworking farmer or even a young student.” Dr. Nadia Binte Amin, a leading women entrepreneur, researcher, and social worker, possesses extensive experience of 20 years in social & marketing research. During her long research career, she conducted research works for National and Multinational companies, International Agencies like UNICEF, UNDP, foreign NGOs, and reputed market and social research organizations. Major areas of her research include education, health and nutrition, child protection and sanitation & hygiene.
Ms. Amin, also a successful women entrepreneur in Bangladesh, runs business in different sector including research, finance and fashion industry. Presently she is working as Managing Director, Research and Computing Services Private Limited which engaged in conducting extensive qualitative and quantitative social research for leading international development organizations such as UNICEF, Sesame Workshop NY, USA, Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs, and Social Marketing Company (SMC), and many other National and International organizations. She is also involved in conducting market research for local and international organizations. She also works as Managing Director of Dhaka Equity Management and Services Private Limited which deals in share and equity in capital market in Bangladesh. In addition, Ms. Amin owns TARA, a sister concern of BEAS Enterprisers, and engaged in fashion jewellery, traditional sarees and boutique business.
Ms. Amin also is involved in different social organizations and works relentlessly to serve the people, particularly women and children in Bangladesh. She is a member and Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (BFWE) and working actively to address different issues facing women entrepreneurs in running their business in Bangladesh. In addition, Ms. Amin is founder Chairman of Tara Foundation, which runs different project in rural areas for distress people, particularly women and children.
In the academic area Ms. Amin has also an excellent career. She regularly teaches Post Graduate business students as Visiting Faculty of Different University including Jahangir Nagar University, and State University of Bangladesh. And she also worked
as part time faculty  n BRAC University, and East West University.
With her vast experience and expertise, combined with her passion to help the people of Bangladesh and deep connection to her home town of Bashati, Ms. Amin leads the Foundation to successfully implement ongoing projects and initiate new social development programs.


“I am being honored to be a member of TARA foundation. All of us have our own responsibilities to serve our society. In that respect, I am very much eager to serve those women who are underprivileged. Through the foundation, I aim to fulfill the motto, “be not for the self but for others”.


“After the passing of my husband I have always wanted to fulfill his dying wish; which was to take care of the people in Purbhodhola. Now I seek to make my words into actions through Tara foundation. I believe this will be the first step in a process where Tara foundation enables me to gradually help all of the villages in Bangladesh.”
Hasina Islam is a socially-oriented individual with high ethical values and passion of social service.  She speaks from the vantage ground of the exalted station and is the basic source of Tara Foundation. She inspires our Team, inhabitants of Bashati, and our generous supporters with her infectious commitment to the betterment of Bashati’s inhabitants.


“I have a dream from my childhood that, if I get opportunity, I will try to make my father’s dream true. He was dreaming that not only his own village Bashati, but also all villages in Bangladesh, will be free of poverty and illiteracy. Every land in every season will smile with different colours and plenty of crops. Every face will be full of happiness and joy. Now it seems time to start this journey to fulfill this dream! As a first step, we are going to start work of “Tara Foundation” in our own Thana Purbadhala with a belief that hard work, sincerity and dedication will expand its work in all Thana of Bangladesh.”
Dr. Risatul Islam is currently working as an International Migration Health Physician and acting Deputy Chief Migration Health Officer in the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He has also worked as a MHP and Health Team Leader for Emergency Health Team in Tunisia under Humanitarian Evacuation of TCNs from Libya. In such roles as a medical practitioner in a humanitarian capacity, Dr. Islam has experience in the following:
•Medical escort for refugees
•Supervising health team staffs in the field
•Conducting rapid visual screening and health assessment as required for TCNs,
•Liasing with Field Military Hospitals, Primary and Secondary Health facilities, UN Agencies, INGO, NGO and GOV Authorities for proper referral, follow up and prioritization of the medical hold cases.
•Performing Daily Rapid Visual Screening outcome
•Preparing health Situation and Activity report preparation and Distribution.
As a medical practitioner, Dr. Islam has practical experience in treating and managing pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis, COPD, asthma, lymphoma, rheumatologic disorder, ILD, PUO, and other Infectious Diseases.
With the help of Dr. Islam’s insight and years of national and international experience, the Foundation is in the works of establishing healthcare programs. These encompass sanitation awareness and education, a network of doctors pro-bono medical treatment, and need-based financial aid to the people of Bashati.