In 2011, we established TARA foundation as a means for us to give back to our ancestral village of Bashati in Purbadhala, an Upazila in the district of Netrokona, Bangladesh. It is a place that is vibrant with culture, heritage, and, above all, the simplicity of its people. However, many in its community face the harsh realities of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and more. As a non-profit organization, we are passionate and dedicated to tackling these issues and enriching the lives of Bashati’s inhabitants through our social development programs.

We are in the process of initiating a wide range of projects to promote education, provide economic development and generate employment through agriculture and fisheries, healthcare support, disaster management and relief fund, sponsorship management and raise human, women and children's rights awareness in Bashati. With our education programs, our primary focus is on female child education at primary level, providing empowerment, scholarship programs, and educational materials. To learn more about our initiatives, Click Here

In addition to our initiatives, we are successfully generating employment among the underprivileged with our ongoing fisheries project. It keeps true to the fishing techniques and heritage in Bangladesh, while training fishermen to bring a high degree of skill and ingenuity to their trade and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit. This accomplishment has brought us one step closer to achieving our goal: bettering the lives of the people in Bashati, Purbadhala, Netrokona.

Much of the Foundation’s success is attributed to unique experience and expertise of our team that positions us to foster effective programs and achieve our goals. At the helm, Dr. Nadia Binte Amin brings a vast and depth of experience in the areas of social research and project management for reputed organizations such as UNICEF, World Vision, UNDP, Shaplaneer, SMC, Sesame/Sisampur Workshop New York, and BCCP to name a few.

In addition to her business acumen, Dr. Risatul Islam’s skills as a medical practitioner and years of international experience in humanitarian aid are being applied to develop strong healthcare programs in Basahti. To learn more about our team, Click Here

The Foundation began as a vision to alleviate poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy in Bashati. With the collaboration of like-minded partners, visionary individuals, generous supporters, and our talented and dedicated team, we aspire to successfully implement our initiatives in Bashati and throughout Bangladesh. We are currently at our grass roots stage. As such, your generous donations and continued support are instrumental to our ongoing success.